lundi 25 juin 2018

PZ041 - Grosso Gadgetto - Gross Circus

Genre : Electro Metal, DeathStep, Stoner Rock

about this album :
Grosso Gadgetto is a complete artist with a large panel of sound, he offers to PZN this great album, I selected in many tracks the most pleasant for me, and I'm a Metalhead, so my choice was firstly on metal tracks, I hope you will appreciate this album of cosmic metal !!! peace & zombie love ! 
 (Batard Tronique) manager of PZN. 

released June 6, 2018

all tracks composed and mixed by Grosso Gadgetto, excepted on tracks "Stoner" and "Tantra" features his wife, mastered vy Batard Tronique from Paris Zombie Netlabel. Vocals by Lee Harvey Asphalte on track "Zombie Kill Carnage". artwork by Paris Zombie Netlabel

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