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PZ039 - Batard Tronique - Magic Folk

Genre : Pagan Folk Trap, Celtic Folk Music, Trap Electro Music, World Fusion
Date Of Release : 4th of May 2018
Tracklist : 
01 - Nostalgie Medievale
02 - Fantaisie Apocalyptique
03 - La Depression Mouette
04 - Fantaisie Apocalyptique (POZOLE remixxx)
05 - Breizh Gang
06 - Celtic Brothers
07 - Chapeau Rond Off
08 - Drame Dissonnant

About this album :

"After a decade dedicated to breakcore works in sound, I decided to let aside breakcore and other "brutal" styles of electronic music, for concentrates my works in this album on Folkloric composition, in particular celtic folk, and more particular, the very unique sounds of "biniou" and "bombarde" (folkloric instruments of Brittany, celtic territory in west of France, where I live), some knows my works in Gypsycore style and it was also a folk work with breakcore, taken to balkan gypsies and middle eastern peoples. 
Here, I decided to mix CELTIC Folklore to Trap music, for many reasons. First, Trap music is more quiet and less loud than Breakcore, it lets a better place to melodic composition, and for my personnal comfort, a way easier for have a structure in my music."

Batard Tronique

credits :
all music composed by Batard Tronique. Track "Fantaisie Apocalyptique" courtesy remixed by The Beginning Of Pozole (MEX)

Excepted 2 tracks, no samples were used. 
The samples used are : 
- Merzhin - La Valse A Merlin (in track "Chapeau Rond Off"
- Stojance Kostovski - Meden Kaval (in track "fantaisie apocalyptique(original version)")

excepted these 2 samples, all folkloric instruments, percs, drums, and others are from plugins synth or drum machine.

This album was created with FL Studio 12 software.
Mixed and mastered by Batard Tronique@Homestudio, in Saint-Malo, France.

Original artwork Photography taken by Marcus J. Ranum (stock photo under cc license) available on , photomanipulated by Batard Tronique.

fonts used for Titles : Art Dystopia, and Aniron, from the website



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