samedi 21 avril 2018

PZ037 - Psykoxxx - Break Metal Fantasy

Genre : Heavy Break, Black Metal Breakcore, Electronic Fantasy, Power Breakcore, Headbang Breaks, Trash Beats, Breakcore, Nu Metal, Darkstep, Pagan Folk Trap.
Date Of Release : Saturday 21st April 2018
Tracklist :

01 - La Mort Noire feat. MALEFICAT
02 - Je Boirais Dans Ton Crâne
03 - La Gloire Éternelle feat. IGOR MAX
04 - Frêle Mauresque
05 - Valhalla


an album made in 2018, recorded & mastered at home studio, in Saint-Malo, France, by Psykoxxx (aka Batard Tronique aka Slawowycz, etc...) 

The track "Gloire Eternelle" (tra : "Immortal Glory") appeared on another album of Psykoxxx under his beatmaker name Slawowycz Beats, under the trackname "Glorious Times (remix)" on album "My Best Beats For Slavs Vol. 2". this track featured Igor Max, the father of Psykoxxx who's played acoustic guitar on track. 

The Track "La Mort Noire" (tra : "The Black Death") was composed entirely by Maleficat and was courtesy given to Psykoxxx who creates on FL Studio the guitars section (lead and rythmic) and bass too with synth plugins and overdrive amp simulation. The challenge was for Psykoxxx to sound as more as possible like real Electric guitars, first time for him to have tried this style of mixing work. 

The Track "Je Boirais Dans Ton Crane" (tra : "I will Drink In Your Skull" ) contains an acapella from Mirko Ukrayinskowycz, originally appears on a featuring with Frontcore (ukrainian breakcore metal producer). original track was titled "Guerrier Païen" (tra : Pagan Warrior) THIS ALBUM is an hybrid between Metal Music and Breakcore / Breakbeat / Trap, works of Igorrr influenced this album, but with another touch. 

Hope you will enjoy it and headbang over !!!

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