mercredi 1 novembre 2017

PZ031 - The Beginning Of Pozole - The Return Of VR Pimp (2017)

Genres :  Breakcore, Bass Music, Broken Trap
Date Of Release : November 1rst 2017
Tracklist :
01 - Rippers Ambush
02 - Suicide I$ A Choo$e My ft. Cat Holic
03 - Im Ready To Die, Because I Don't Have Fucking Patience ft. Safoh
04 - Triple 666 Till Death
05 - Scarecrow ft. Cat Holic
06 - Six Blades Of The Samurai
07 - The Return Of The VR Pimp
08 - Hades Come Back
09 - Cyberhell (Burn In The Fire Of Eternity)

As always, Mexican artists gives a work made with sincerity, Pozole has same intentions, and particulary concerning his devotion to antechrist lord, with an EP well worked, masterized loudly, with big bad sub bass, analogic sounds, and samples taken from deep.

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