mercredi 12 juillet 2017

ZT001 - Batard Tronique - Let Me Be The Ganja Funk King

Artist(s) : Batard Tronique
Title : Let Me Be The Ganja Funk King
Main genre : Funk / sub genre : Ragga Funk, Ganja Funk, Aya Funk
date of release : 12/07/2017
tracklist : 
01 - Funky Chat So Much (feat Mad Cobra)
02 - Hail Di Ganja Funk King (feat Fanton Mojah)
03 - Funky Hungry (feat Fanton Mojah)

all tracks composed, arranged and played by Batard Tronique (F.Maksymowycz)
during summer 2017 in France, on FL studio 10 and a digital keyboard yamaha PSR300

as you will heard, sound of recs are dirty, it's normal, sounds are masterized with vynil simulation for have a true vintage and analogic sound, like this, you gonna makes discover these tracks to your geeks friends and be proud when saying "that's rare tracks from the 80's I found in jamaica !! and you will have the 2 girls in the room who gonna be excited by your sudden charism !!! enjoy !!

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