mardi 25 juillet 2017

PZ026 - Mirko Ukrayinskowycz - Dans Mon Univers

Genre : French Rap, Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Old School, Funky, Rock
Date of release : Tuesday the 25th of July 2017
Tracklist :
01 - Mary Jane (beat by : Slawowycz)
02 - Le Voodoo (beat by : Demigodz)
03 - Atypique (beat by : Demigodz)
04 - L'Emmerdeur (beat by : Doctor Evazan)
05 - Charles De Gang (beat by : Supervillain)
06 - Mi Weeda Loca (beat by : Zig Zag)
07 - 1 Gramme De Violence (beat by : Snowgoons)
08 - Interlude (Samir Alic)
09 - United Ukrainians Brotherhood (beat by : Sero)
10 - Egotrip Du Bocal (beat by : Rupe Bassu)
11 - Ya Ne Ponymayu (beat by : Slawowycz)
12 - Sauvagerie De L'Ouest ft. Braki (beat by : Nuttkase)

rec, mix, master : Mirko
lyrics : Mirko (all tracks), and Braki (track 12 "sauvagerie de l'ouest")
instrumentals by : Doctor Evazan, Rupe Bassu, Slawowycz, Supervillain, Snowgoons, Demigodz, Zig Zag, Ohio Players (arranged by me), OGE.(c) 2017 ParisZombieNetlabel

Anglais / English :
French Rapper, Mirko Ukrayinskowycz (or also known as Mirko La Frappe) taken 2 years before made this album, for release previously different mixtapes in free downoad on the well-known french website of free dl mixtapes,, now he decides to appears in his full identity, because, he's the founder boss of Paris Zombie Netlabel (as Batard Tronique / Psykoxxx), a french free dl digital distributor of music, with possibility of appears in a catalog of differents sounds for free/or for 1 euro here over Bancamp (for have wav files for example), it's a job who takes times and times,... and times !! you can donate for us in buying an album and support us, thank you all !! long life paris zombie netlabel !!

Français / French :
Rappeur Français, Mirko Ukrayinskowycz (ou aussi Mirko La Frappe) a pris 2 ans avant de faire cet album, pour sortir precedemment differentes mixtapes en telechargement gratuit sur le site web bien connu,, il est le boss fondateur de Paris Zombie Netlabel (en tant que Batard Tronique / Psykoxxx), un netlabel francais distibuteur digital de musique en tel. gratuit/ou pour 1 euro ici sur Bandcamp (pour avoir les fichiers waves par exemple) c'est un job qui prends du temps, du temps, et du temps !! vous pouvez faire donation pour nous en achetant un album et nous supporter, merci a tous !! longue vie a Paris Zombie Netlabel !!


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