dimanche 19 mars 2017

PZ020 - Batard Tronique - Drogue Sonore

Genre : Breakcore, Neurocore, Gypsycore, Crossbreed, Dubstep
Date Of Release : Saturday the 18th of March 2017
Tracklist :
01 - Le Pacha
02 - Pussyclaat Watching Me
03 - Idée M
04 - Poseur
05 - Dans Le Ghetto
06 - Headbang
07 - Sound Du Ghetto
08 - Fuck Da Police
09 - Rythme Futur
10 - Very Bad Trip
11 - Lume Lume
12 - Aphex Playing At My House

Why it's not a free download ?
Okay Folks, Here's some explanations, Batard Tronique's works since 2015 over this album, it takes too long time for let this in free download, so if you respect the work, you can buy one track or the ful album, the price is very low comparing to the lot of full nights passed to works over.

Now, let's talk about the album. 
"After many albums where I experimented different styles, I was nostalgic of this good old breakcore style, I completely redesign this album many times, at starting it must be a Dubstep/Trap with french lyrics of rap by myself, finally, I'm happy to come back at the source of style who drives me to music production" 

Credits : Artwork made by Gorellaume (many thanks !! very soon, he will be in "gallery" part of Label), all tracks composed, arranged and edited by Batard Tronique, track 9 "rythme futur" based entirely over Django Reinhardt's original track titled same, track 11 "Lume Lume" is a traditionnal gypsy romani song, remixed by Batard Tronique, original samples by Fanfare Ciocarla. Many others samples are used, but... fuck. Too tired today for talk about each one.

(for download, click over "buy" link on the player)

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