dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Jesus Was Gay - Laver Maria (2002-2010)

The "Jesus was gay" project is a one-man band created by Batard Tronique (founder of Paris Zombie Netlabel) in 2002

batard tronique in 2005, aged of 20 years old

It started like a joke, for make laughing his school friends in making electronic grindcore, the "jesus was gay" first album was created, with samples of electric guitar, and electronic drum blast, and scream of Batard Tronique pitched down, lyrics talks about beer, satan, sex, and one song is only made with vietnamese insults on fruity loops 3 on computer !! (old school) ! The name "jesus was gay" was find in 2010, when Batard Tronique putted his music on the creative commons music platform Jamendo.

So here the very first official sounds created by Batard Tronique in 2002, at 16 years old !!

Album is called "Laver Maria" (joke in french and latin, Laver means "washing" mixing with the famous prayer Ave Maria in Latin language, that's why there is a Marseilles soap on cover)
Tracklisting :
01 - les mots viets
02 - poesie feconde
03 - grindcore alcoolique
04 - il faut boire de la biere
05 - can't touch this wet pussy (hallelujah)
06 - ta reum la scatophile
07 - il faut boire de la biere (version panache monaco)
08 - vomi sacre
09 - je veux une biere


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