samedi 28 septembre 2019

Batard Tronique - Space Kebab (Hip Hop, Scratching, Punk, 8bit)

Hey ! Ho !  Tha new sound of bastardo !

I Coming Back on blog, after a long moment of silence. For This Back
here's a new totally free download, it doesn't mean it was made badly or too fast, it's just because I'd love to think about find cool tracks for free on the web is and will be always cool . Because, ya know, I'm getting more older each year, and find web space more and more crappy, there's not a lot of place for free things, all is for paid everywhere, so this lil album is not without copyright, but just in free download. Because I keep my passion alive, because I had knows good time of good netlabel . 


Genre(s) : Punk Hip Hop, Space Hop, Scratching, Chiptune 8bit,
Tracks : 3
Available in multiformats (wav, mp3 hi/lo, ogg, flac, aac, alac, aiff)

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